Interview mit Camilla Akerberg

Hallo ihr Lieben,


die Tage in Griechenland gingen leider viel zu schnell vorbei! Ich bin wirklich dankbar für die tolle Zeit, vielfältigen Eindrücke und all die lieben Menschchen die ich dort endlich mal näher kennen lernen durfte 🙂 Da viele von euch gefragt haben, wer die durchtrainierte Frau neben mir auf dem Bild ist, wie sie trainiert etc. habe ich Camilla für euch interviewt! Ihre Empfehlungen zu Ernährung, Training etc. findet ihr hier 🙂


Hi Camilla, nice to have you here!

Thanks for wanting to do this interview with me Pascal! My name is Camilla Akerberg and I am an Australian/Scandinavian fitness model, travel/fitness blogger, eBook author, Personal Trainer and I run my own Online Fitness Coaching business that allows me to help people with their fitness and health goals worldwide.

I am originally from Scandinavia; I am a Swedish speaking Finn but moved to Australia at the start of 2010 for my university education. I graduated from my Science degree and then continued with studies in nutrition and got certified as a Personal Trainer. I live and breathe a fit lifestyle and have a huge passion for what I do and for helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

Interview Camilla Akerberg


When did you start training and what was the reason for getting in to it?

I have always played sports growing up, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago I started lifting weights in the gym and really transformed my body to a more toned, fit look. Before that I was doing a lot of cardio- so the change to weight really made a difference for me.

Around the same time, I started focusing more and more on good nutrition and I analysed how I personally responded to foods.


You are in amazing shape – what would you recommend for others to do to get into shape?

Thanks so much! My recommendation to get into amazing shape is to make “being fit and healthy” into your lifestyle. For this, you need a combination of habits: good nutrition-, training- and determination- to keep you going. Mostly it comes down to staying on top of your nutrition. Eat lots of good, fresh produce, limit process foods, and most of all listen to your own body, we are all different!! Be eager to learn- read lots and test what works best for you and your body or get someone to help you out with this.

Interview Camilla Akerberg


Awesome! I totally agree with you. So, another question was concerning yourt diet. Could you please briefly explain your diet?

I eat according to my body type and my goals, according to how I respond to foods, according to my preferences, lifestyle, I also consider my blood type and ancestral trends. Saying this I don’t follow a specific diet from day to day but mix it up depending on where I am or what I am doing. I understand my body well enough to obtain a good balance even when traveling or out of routine.

A brief outline of my diet: I eat lots of vegetables and fresh products. I don’t use a million ingredients for my cooking, I keep it very simple. I eat a quite high protein diet, I am pescetarian as this is something that suits my body and my lifestyle, so my lean protein intake comes mainly from white fish and salmon, eggs, sometimes other seafood and partly from my greens of course. Healthy fats from avocado, nuts, salmon and coconut oil, good carbohydrates from sweet potato, quinoa, vegetables and berries/fruits etc. I limit process foods- but do have one or two cheat meals each week to mentally keep me happy. This method is also good for boosting fat burning hormones when done the right way.

Interview Camilla Akerberg


Tell me more about your online coaching program and what you offer to clients online

My online program consists of an eBook- “BodyPower” that tackles information about nutrition and mindset that will help you get your fit lifestyle on track. It gives you tools that I’ve used myself to get where I am today in terms on fitness. Being fit is a balance of understanding your body and nutrition, eating foods you respond well to and adjusting this to your goals and lifestyle and training according to your body type and your goals. The eBook also talks about mindset, setting goals and staying determined. The exercise plans that comes with the eBook are adjustable to your body type (which there is a test for), and your fitness goals. You can choose to start with the beginner plan, jump straight to the intermediate/advanced plan or get the whole package which is a 16 week plan.

I also offer my members personalized meal plans which I really tailor into their lifestyle. My clients can eat foods that suit their lifestyle and also foods they enjoy (the bad things in moderation of course) and still achieve results. I don’t advertise this on my website as I do get busy with these enquiries – but click on the following link to get some exclusive information about it all: About Ebook and Plans


How did you start your online coaching?

Fitness, nutrition and the human body has always intrigued me greatly. I am a bit of a nerd and will happily sit and read articles all day haha. To be honest it all started as a Hobby-I was just training myself and experimenting with nutrition on my own body. I soon realized the interest from others around me for what I was doing. I started helping some close friends and the kick from seeing the results they got and being able to get them there was so rewarding. Then I took it onwards from there.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself helping even more people all around the world with their fitness and health goals through my online programs. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to change someone’s life for the better. I also really love traveling- and being a trainer at fitness retreats as it gives me some really good intense face to face training time as well as time to chat nutrition with guests. I want to continue doing this along with some exclusive training sessions for clients around the world.

I am also currently involved with developing a phone application which I can’t wait to hit the ground as it will be such a good addition to networking with my clients in a new way. Watch this space 😀

Interview Camilla Akerberg


Für diejenigen, die ihr gerne folgen möchten findet ihr weiter unten noch ihre Kanäle 🙂 Ich hoffe, euch hat das Interview mit Camilla gefallen 🙂


Euer Pascal



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